Why you should speak to a headhunter

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Lawyers have busy lives and barely have time to do their day job, let alone take a call from a headhunter.

As a headhunter, my role is to help my clients grow by finding them the right people to help them do this. I spend a lot of time getting to know the firms that I act for and the type of individuals that they want to hire. I do not just bolt someone’s practice onto another firm and hope that it works out. It is not just about how much you are paid and the size of your following. My calls are selective and based on the detailed criteria I agree with clients.

I am paid to produce research reports highlighting key aspects of your practice, your suitability and your key personality traits – both good and bad. The majority of this information is gathered by speaking to past colleagues and clients – but the best information that I can glean about you will come from you.

The first shortlist that I produce is based upon this research, together with the market intelligence that I have picked up over the past 20 years. Obviously, the better this information is, the more likely it is that my client will want to meet you. If all I have to go on is feedback from the four partners you fell out with at your old firm and nothing from you, my report is unlikely to be flattering. If the information I have is comprehensive, up to date and a positive portrayal of your practice that highlights all of your key strengths, you are more likely to make that shortlist.

Once on that shortlist, I will be able to call you and tell you about what may turn out to be your ideal job. By then you’ll know me and I will be able to give you a much more tailored insight on the role that I am working on.

So, when the call comes in, bear in mind that it might be significantly more than a fishing expedition.

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